Thank you to everyone that donated to our first Crowdfunder


On 28 September 2020 we launched the Coliseum’s first ever Crowdfunder. Following the postponement of the 2020 pantomime due to the coronavirus crisis we reached out and asked people to support the theatre and help save Christmas in Oldham for generations to come.

#GetBehindUs raised a phenomenal £53,907. We could not have expected this level of wonderful support and we want to send the biggest thank you to everyone who has helped us towards this.


This campaign ran from 28 September – 9 December 2020

#GetBehindUs supporters

Panto Super Stars


Anthony Ashton

Matthew and Lynne Bowker

Rachel Hollister

Frank and Judith Rothwell

Joe Royle

Su Schofield

Beryl Williamson



Get Behind Us Dames


Terry Flanagan

Karen Naylor

Tim Naylor





Mina Anwar


Chadwick & Company

Craig Dean

Keith Etherington

Sarah Hazelgrove

Robin Herford

Julie Hesmondhalgh and Ian Kershaw

Ian Jackson

Jade Power

Jennifer Sims


Coliseum Chorus


Robert Cragg

Roger Gould

Liz Headon

Jason Healey

Gemma Langford

Hillary McGowan

Rhiannon Price

Hannah Roberts

Karen Salisbury

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