It takes a lot of people to make the great theatre you see on our stage and out in the community, from backstage to front of house and everything in between.

Below is a list of our staff, which you can filter by department. Click on a person’s profile for their contact details.

Coliseum staff

Learning & Engagement
Customer Services
Marketing, Communications & Sales

In addition to our core staff team, we are also helped out by an amazing team of casual event staff and volunteers. We couldn’t do it without them.

Bar Staff

  • Lauren Hall
  • Emma Hollister
  • Lewis Mason
  • Ross Mason
  • Karen Shuttleworth
  • Jenny Taylor
  • Theresa Thompson
  • Alexandra Watson-Ward

Customer Experience Volunteers

  • Mohamed Abha
  • Michael Ashworth
  • Neville Barker
  • Chris Barratt
  • Susan Brennan
  • Christina Christophi
  • Mary Cochrane
  • Phillip Diamond
  • Yvonne Fawley
  • David Fielding
  • Christine Gemmell
  • David Gibbons
  • Paul Goulden
  • Mary Grainger
  • Donna Greer
  • Amelia Hall
  • Lauren Hall
  • Susan Halliwell
  • Carole Holland
  • Dennis Keogh
  • Carol Laidlaw
  • Paula Le Moignan
  • Cheryl Lewis
  • Sophie Marlor
  • Janice O’Connor
  • Amy Prince
  • David Purvis
  • Chloe Riley
  • Alana Russell
  • Habib Sama
  • Julie Silverwood
  • Kath Smith
  • Catherine Tansey
  • Elaine Taylor
  • Hazel Tetlow
  • Martyn Tierney
  • Royia Tierney
  • Thomas Walker
  • Judith Ware
  • Adrian Whittaker
  • Beryl Williamson
  • Hannah Wood

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