28 May-28 May

The Elves and The Shoemaker

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    When two magical elves, Red and Lo, arrive to help the local shoemaker, they realise they need to ‘put themselves into someone else’s shoes’ to understand what the customers need. But will Lo learn enough to make the perfect pair of shoes, and earn their magical hat bell?! Come along, join in, and find out!

    A new retelling of the traditional tale, exploring empathy and kindness, with songs and silliness, performed by Helen Longworth and Imogen Khan.

    Red and Lo hope to inspire children, young people and families to develop this human superpower and change the world.

    For children aged 5-7 (key stage 1) and their families.

    A brand new play premiering at Coliseum at the Roundabout by Joyce Branagh and Helen Longworth. Directed by Kirstie Davis. Designed by Christopher McCourt.

    Image Credit: Joyce Branagh.
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    Tue 28 May: 1:00pm

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