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One Foot In Front Of The Other

A series about walking by Caitlin Gleeson. Supported by Oldham Coliseum Micro Commissions 2021


What do you think of when you think of walking? Hiking through a forest? Ambling around your local park with a friend? Popping to the shops in the rain? Marching through the streets with a placard, shouting?

In March 2020, like many people, Caitlin was really poorly with covid. She’s still not back to normal but one of the things that’s kept her going ever since has been walking.

One Foot In Front of The Other is a series of four short audio pieces about walking. Join Caitlin to reflect on what walking has been like over the last year or so – how it’s changed, how it’s been painfully unchanging, and some of the things she’s seen, heard and found out along the way. As you listen, go out for a walk or a roll or a sit, or stay where you are and come on a walk with her instead.

Contains mild adult language.



for wellbeing

In this first episode, Caitlin introduces One Foot In Front of The Other and invites you on a journey with her. She looks at why walking is so good for us, and the challenges and joys of walking when you’re ill.

A note on content: this episode discusses being ill with covid and being in pain.



in nature

In the second part of this series, come on a walk into nature to find out what happens when you stop rushing and start noticing more, and how access to nature isn’t always equal.

A note on content: this episode discusses being ill with covid and being in pain.



in the city

In this episode, Caitlin reflects on growing to know and love Manchester through walking it, and how walking in cities sometimes isn’t fun, easy or safe.

A note on content: this episode discusses being ill with covid and being in pain. There is also mention of street harassment, but not specific incidents or details.



with others

In the final part of this series, Caitlin explores why walking with other people is so valuable, and takes us on a short march through the notion of walking as protest.

A note on content: this episode discusses being ill with covid and being in pain.



You can watch captioned versions of all episodes on the Coliseum’s YouTube channel here



Caitlin Gleeson is a theatre maker, facilitator, producer and writer based in Manchester. Her work includes solo performance, interactive theatre and community arts, and often explores autobiography, gender and place. She has worked with organisations including Contact, the Octagon Theatre, the Royal Exchange, the Lowry and Oldham Coliseum Theatre, where she is a supported artist. She also teaches at the University of Manchester. She is currently touring Pour and Serve, a site-specific solo performance on the language of sexual harassment. In development is A Show About Plants, a performance about care, queerness and nature as resistance against capitalism.



Written and performed by Caitlin Gleeson
Original music and sound design by SHAR
Sound technician – Matt Williams
With special thanks to Hannah Cooper, Sarah Eastaff, Emma Geraghty, Edwina McEachran and Rose Sergent.



All Oldham Coliseum Micro Commissions 2021 are free to access. If you would like to help the Coliseum to support more great artists to create work please consider making a donation to the theatre.



Supported by Oldham Coliseum Theatre Micro Commissions 2021

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