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A Brew, A Terrace and the 184

An original play by Bog Standard Creatives.. Supported by Oldham Coliseum Micro Commissions 2021

Available from Friday 23 April


A Brew, A Terrace and the 184 follows the lives of brother and sister, Adam and Jess. Following the death of their mother they return home to her once rented accommodation and begin the upheaval of moving her possessions. Along the way we get an insight into what their life was like, living in Oldham as children and more importantly what life was like for a family living on the breadline. Adam and Jess are faced with tough times. But with help from their mum’s wise words, they look to a brighter future.


Bog Standard Creative are Chloe Heywood and Rowan Prescott. Chloe is a theatre maker and director who focuses on using theatre as a way of challenging stereotypes and provoking the audience to have sensitive conversations. Rowan is an emerging actor and producer whose work blends lived experiences and theatrical devices to create theatre representative of real life.




All Oldham Coliseum Micro Commissions 2021 are free to access. If you would like to help the Coliseum to support more great artists to create work please consider making a donation to the theatre.



Supported by Oldham Coliseum Theatre Micro Commissions 2021

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