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You’ll have heard our news that we’re moving from our much-loved Fairbottom Street home in 2020 to a new site on Yorkshire Street to be closer to Oldham’s other cultural attractions like Oldham Library, Gallery Oldham and the new Arts and Heritage Building.

Sadly, our current building doesn’t have the facilities for the 21st century like lifts and roomier public spaces outside of our auditoria, which are useful for all our audiences, especially older people who might be getting less mobile with age as well as disabled people.

We want to hear from audiences, especially people with mobility and sensory impairments, disabled people and others who might find theatres a difficult place sometimes at a focus group on Saturday 28 January between 1.30pm – 3.30pm – more information here

All our staff and volunteers are keen to hear your views on the move and you can also contact us via post or email to share what you think.  We very much want to take our famous warm and friendly atmosphere with us so please let us know how we can do that so we can make the change a positive one.

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