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Stage Technician Kev Leach on ‘wetting the earth’ of A Skull in Connemara

Ever wonder what it’s like to work backstage at the Coliseum?
Our Stage Technician, Kev, has an incredibly varied job with unique tasks for each production. In A Skull in Connemara, one of his jobs involves walking on stage with a portable hose…
We asked Kev why he wets the set:

We wet the earth onstage (all 4 tonnes or so of it) with approximately 20 litres of water pre-show and again at the interval with another 5 litres or so to try and minimise the amount of dust generated by the actors. Aesthetically we wet the upstage areas to make the earth darker in colour to match.

The material we wet is 1 part mushroom fodder to 3 part gritty soil. We also have small “cowpat” areas of just mushroom fodder for the cast to extinguish cigarettes in.

Getting the stage ready before each performance takes about an hour and a half.”




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