Sat 23 July 2022

CULTIVATE: Girls Night Out 2

Girl Gang MCR

  • Synopsis

    Roll up, roll up! Back once again are the fun filled masters!

    Bring yourself and your fabulous folks and join Girl Gang Manchester for a multi-art form cabaret night celebrating nights out and friendship, featuring seven sparkling performances from Manchester’s amazingly talented artists!

    You're invited to Girl Gang Manchester's takeover of Oldham Coliseum Theatre for the Cultivate festival.

    Make new memories with your fave sweeties, with workshop drop ins, music, discussions, dancing, comedy and cocktails. Don't miss the chance to frolic with your day-ones or meet your new forever friends.

    Girl Gang is a collective of artists, activists, academics and party instigators who produce fun, meaningful and ambitious events. They bring people together over debates, discussions and dancefloors to celebrate creativity as a powerful tool to understand ourselves, one another and the world around us.

    Since 2016 they have worked with over 200 artists to welcome a combined audience of over 20,000 people to over 130 different creative events to date. This includes immersive film screenings, creative club nights, experiential exhibitions, theatre, workshops, socials, zines and digital projects.

    The original Girls' Night Out (Hope Fest 2021) was a roaring success and a selection box of superb performances! Girl Gang can’t wait to do it again with a whole new host of fantastic talent!

    Meet the performers

    Harriet Wilson

    Harriet Wilson - a spoken word poet will present Tales from the Bathroom Floor - a reclusive bride with a sensitive stomach goes on the hen do of her life.

    “Tales from the bathroom floor will explore a hen night that never was due to the bride to be's history of ending up on the bathroom floor. Using actual events from my past I will take the audience on a journey of a hypothetical hen do which will inevitably end up with me hugging a toilet. Think inflatable penises, truth or dare, shots and making friends in the bathroom!”

    Romina Ramos

    Romina Ramos - non binary Portuguese poet living in the north, using poetry to tackle social justice issues surrounding LGBGQIA+ and ethnic minority communities. Their accessible poetry looking at all things gender/sexuality, immigration/dislocation belonging/identity.

    Zoe Iqbal, Nasima Begum and Channique Sterling-Brown

    Comedy performer and actor Zoe Iqbal, a poet, producer and creative practitioner Nasima Begum and an actor, spoken word artist and creative Channique Sterling-Brown present interactive theatre.

    You are invited to Sofiya’s Dholki. Dress code - as you are! We have so much to catch up on. The mendhi dances to sort out and songs to choose! Sofiya is late, Hannah is in charge of dances and Sairah is in charge of the halal hen do. It’s been a while since we all saw each other. Here’s hoping it all goes to plan. Let’s be fabulous together - it might be a while before we get to do it again!

    Jas Nisic

    Jas Nisic is a working-class Mancunian Actor-Singer-Songwriter, part of the LGBTQA+ community and trained at the Royal Academy of Music in Musical Theatre. With her guitar and voice, she tells stories through honest lyrics and unique jazzy/folky tones.

    Aileen Barratt

    Aileen Barratt aka The Tinder Translator takes you on a brief tour of how pulling on nights has changed since the 90s, before diving into the nitty gritty of dating apps and decoding the douchebaggery of modern dating.

    Holly Burns

    An actor Holly Burns presents an exuberant relay of dances to some of your favourite dancefloor hits....IN HEELS! A heels performance of iconic R&B/Pop hits, that make you feel like a sexy queen on the dancefloor. An act full of confidence boosting, super empowering hair flicking fun! We all know how amazing it feels to strut your stuff in a pair of heels on a night out with the girls. Whether you're a complete beginner and feel like Bambi on ice, or you're Beyoncé Knowles getting in formation! Come give your support for one night only to heels show you won't forget!

    Gemma Lees

    Gemma Lees is a Northern bird performing her poetry on the hilarious and heartbreaking aspects of everyday life. From her Romany heritage, to disability, to the people she meets on local buses, welcome to her poetic world!

    The evening will be presented by Channique Sterling-Brown.

    This event is part of Cultivate 2022, the Coliseum's week-long festival focused on theatre upskilling. Learn more about Cultivate 2022.
  • Sat 23 Jul: 7:30pm

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