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Whodunnit at the Coliseum?

Friday 9 April 2021 - Sunday 25 April 2021
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Age Suitability: 8+

Production Company: Oldham Coliseum Theatre and Front Room Productions


By Alice Barber, Olivia Race and Claire-Marie Seddon
Original musical arrangements by Claire-Marie Seddon
Directed by Olivia Race
Designed by Celia Perkins
Filmed by Grant Archer
Digital experience by James Clare
Graphic design by Ria Barnes

It’s 1954 and you’ve just arrived at the Coliseum for the opening night of Shakespeare’s Macbe…The Scottish Play.

Moments before curtain up, Front of House Manager Edward Fitch is found… dead!

Everyone is a suspect – and it’s up to you to figure out whodunnit.

Some say this particular play is cursed, and we’re inclined to agree… after all, there was also that accidental stabbing in ’47*…

With ‘50s inspired musical numbers, this tongue-in-cheek interactive murder mystery is part theatre, part film and part video game, all taking place online.

Return to the theatre for the first time since March 2020 without physically leaving your home. You will be presented with a series of choices that determine which scenes you see, and have the chance to explore the historic Coliseum building on a special game board taking you to familiar spaces, plus rarely seen backstage areas.

This production is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

*True story: in January 1947 an actor named Harold Norman was accidentally stabbed on stage at Oldham Coliseum Theatre (known then as Oldham Repertory Theatre) during a performance of Macbeth. He died the following month at Oldham Royal Infirmary after his wound became infected and his ghost is said to haunt the Coliseum.

How does it work?

Whodunnit at the Coliseum? is part theatre, part film, part video game. Your viewing link will take you to a specially made website where you will watch the show. When you arrive at the website, you will see a ‘How it Works’ button; please remember to read this before you start the show!

During the first half of the show you will be presented with a series of choices, which will appear below the video screen. You will need to click a choice each time, to navigate your way through the show. You will have 10 seconds to make a choice.

During the second half of the show you will be presented with a map of the Coliseum. You can click on different rooms to explore the building, meet different characters, and find clues before making your accusation.

Once you’ve finished the experience you can choose to start it all again, and make different choices to experience the show in a new way!

How many tickets do I need to book?

You need to book one ticket. There are two ticket types to reflect how you might watch/play Whodunnit at the Coliseum? There’s a £12 ticket if you plan to watch as a single player. And there is a £20 ticket for if you plan to watch as a household. We welcome you to select the most appropriate pass based on how many people are planning to enjoy the show. This contribution will help us to continue our vital work with communities and new artists, and ensure our financial stability to enable us to make great theatre back at the Coliseum as soon as we’re able to.

How do I enable or disable captions?

Once the experience has started, simply hover your mouse over the video and click the ‘CC’ icon. This will enable captions for all videos. Repeat the process to disable captions.

Is it a live show?

It’s not a live show. Your ticket will give you access to watch for 48-hours from midnight on the date you booked for.

Please note: The booking confirmation you receive will display a show time of 00:01. This simply means that you will be able to watch the show at any time within 48-hours from 00:01 on the date you’ve booked for.

Once I’ve booked a ticket, what do I need to do next?

When you buy a ticket for Whodunnit at the Coliseum? we will send you a PDF ticket containing a link to the show. Your link to watch will only go live on the date you’ve booked, and will stay active for 48-hours. This means that if you like you can play again at any time within your two days until you decipher who the culprit is.

Tickets will be sent to the email address associated with your Coliseum account. Please check your Coliseum account before booking to ensure we have the correct email address.

Can I watch the show on my mobile phone?

No, you should watch Whodunnit at the Coliseum? on your computer or laptop. You will be able to access the show on an iPad or tablet, but the experience is better enjoyed on a larger screen. If you are watching as a household you could connect your computer or laptop to your TV using a HDMI cable so everyone can see the screen, but you will still need to use your computer or laptop to select your choices throughout the show.

We recommend accessing the show using Google Chrome as your browser, however the show is compatible with other browsers (Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge).

I’ve booked a ticket but not received a viewing link

Your viewing link is included on your PDF Ticket. Please recheck your ticket and you should find the link to the webpage is on there.

Your PDF Ticket may take a few minutes to appear in your emails. If you do not receive your PDF Ticket please check any junk folders before contacting us. Alternatively you can access your PDF Ticket by logging into your Coliseum account via our website and clicking the E-tickets tab.

Can I watch the show more than once?

Yes, you can watch as many times as you want within your 48 hour window. Once your 48 hours are over if you want to watch again, you would need to purchase another ticket.

How long is it?

The running time will vary depending on which choices you make within the show. We estimate that your experience will be about 1 hour long.

Is there a programme for the show?

Yes, there is a free digital programme you will be able to download from your pre-show email and the show’s webpage. The download button on the show’s webpage is just above the video window, on the right hand side.

I plan to watch with my family/friends – how many tickets do I need to buy?

You’ll need one ticket per household. If you live with the people you are planning on playing with, you’ll only need to buy one household ticket. If you don’t live with the people you’re playing with, you can all choose to watch on the same date and compare notes, but you will need to purchase one ticket per household.

I want to buy this as a gift, how do I do that?

To buy Whodunnit at the Coliseum? tickets as a gift you can buy a Coliseum Gift Voucher online and then your friend or relative can use this to book their ticket.
Purchase Coliseum Gift Vouchers here


If you’re having problems accessing the show or with functionality, there are a few quick fixes to try:
– Try swapping the web browser you’re using. We recommend Google Chrome.
– If the videos are buffering too much, this may be due to the connectivity of your WiFi – which you may need to reset.
– If the video stops playing at any point, try clicking (or tapping, if you’re using a tablet) the video twice.

Post-show Q&A – Friday 9 April

Following the opening night of Whodunnit at the Coliseum? join us on Zoom for a post-show Q&A at 8.30pm. The Q&A is free but must be booked. You will receive the Zoom meeting link in your Q&A Print at Home Ticket.

Help & Support

If you need to contact us please email Please do not email an alternate address or try to phone the theatre. We will respond to you as soon as possible during working hours only.

If you are concerned that your 48 hour window will expire before we have the chance to get back to you, please don’t worry. If this happens, we will be able to send you a new link for a different day.

Please note that our team are not technical support.


“There is plenty to explore and it’s all amusingly done by a strong cast and production team.” 

Theatre Reviews North

“It’s been my first visit to Oldham in over a year and, even if it was only virtually, it felt wonderful to wander around the Coliseum again.”

Circles and Stalls

“Reworked versions of songs by Elvis and Johnny Cash, jauntily arranged by Claire-Marie Seddon, and dotting the script with subtle – and not so subtle – nods to Agatha Christie and her work adds to overall fun.”

The Stage

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