Open from 10am Monday - Saturday
Classic Previous Production: 12 - 30 March 2013

Sugar Daddies

Alan Ayckbourn is a legendary name in drama, and our production of Taking Steps was a triumph last year. We're pleased to welcome its director, Ayckbourn protégé Robin Herford back to Oldham to direct a sophisticated but humorous show Ayckbourn himself has described as ”a comedy of dark intentions…about role-playing and first impressions, how we tend to want to re-invent ourselves. But that never works.”

Upon rescuing “Uncle” Val from a hit and run accident, naïve Sasha is initially thrilled by his presents of gratitude and tokens of affection, but as she becomes more and more drawn into a sinister world she never knew existed, can Sasha remain true to herself, or will her sugar daddy ultimately destroy her?

When Sugar Daddies premiered in 2003, The Guardian said Ayckbourn's 63rd play marked the hugely popular playwright's "transformation from social observer to impassioned moralist" whilst retaining all his classic humour.


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Production Information:

Directed by Robin Herford

Designed by Michael Holt

Lighting Designer Jason Taylor

Sound Designer Lorna Munden

Written by Alan Ayckbourn


"Solid entertainment" - The Guardian

“A very impressive performance from young actress Sarah Vezmar” - British Theatre Guide

“[An] emotionally powerful production” - The Public Reviews


Christopher Wilkinson at Oldham Coliseum Theatre
Christopher Wilkinson
Paul Webster
Paul Webster
Sarah Vezmar
Sarah Vezmar
Heather Phoenix in Hay Fever
Heather Phoenix
Maeve Larkin at Oldham Coliseum Theatre
Maeve Larkin