Open from 10am Monday - Saturday
Drama Previous Production: 25 November 2014

Still Ill

A Truant, Homotopia and Oldham Coliseum Theatre Production

Ulster. The Troubles are over. Police stations are closing down. Sex shops are opening up. Tommy can’t believe all the changes, but then he bumps into Gary, his old friend and fellow fan of The Smiths. The two men start a dangerous affair that pulls Tommy back into a world of violence he hoped had disappeared.

A tragic gay love story between ‘the jumped up pantry boy’ and  ‘the boy with the thorn in his side’.

Winner of Warehouse Theatre’s International Playwriting Award.

Special Recommendation Verity Bargate Award.

Contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature.


Oldham Library at 7.00pm


Previous Production: No tickets available

Production Information:

Directed by Joyce Branagh

Written by Billy Cowan


"***** Hits home with a punch!” - Whats On Stage on 'Truant's Care Takers'