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Workshop Monday 10 June, 10.30am - 12.30pm

Join Horse + Bamboo for a creative puppetry workshop.

During this two-hour session, participants will be introduced to the key principles of puppetry through the use of simple materials and everyday household objects. After experimenting with the basics of puppetry, participants will work in groups of three to make and manipulate paper puppets. These brown paper puppets act as a fantastic way of introducing participants to Bunraku puppetry: a highly influential, traditional Japanese form that requires close collaboration and the development of methods of unspoken communication. We will explore how the design of these puppets and the simple materials they are made with can be adapted and expanded to create more technically ambitious creations. We will also play with the concept of scale.

By the end of the session, all participants will have gained a good foundational knowledge of how puppets move and can be manipulated, and will have obtained a variety of skills to aid the future development of their puppeteering abilities.

The workshop is led by Alice Rowbottom and Thomas Bryne. Alice and Tom are freelance performers and puppeteers based in the North West. Alice is currently performing in Horse and Bamboo's new show 'Suffrajitsu'. Thomas interned at Horse and Bamboo in 2015 and developed a love for all things puppet related, and has since worked for companies such as VIP Puppets, Whalley Range All Stars, Plunge Boom, Handmade Theatre, and Frolicked Outdoor Puppet Theatre.

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