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Dance 4 April, 7.30pm

Phoenix Dance Theatre Mixed Programme 2017

We regret to announce this event has been cancelled due to injury.  We apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment caused.  

Our Box Office team is contacting people who've booked tickets and issuing refunds.   Thank you. 

A thrilling triple bill of dance demonstrating athletic power, emotional intensity and dynamic movement including:

Beast by Douglas Thorpe explores the concept of choice and portrays the shocking, sometimes violent consequences that follow wrong decisions.

Calyx, a new commission by Sandrine Monin and Roberto Rusconi, challenges traditional notions of femininity by exploring themes of beauty, decadence and eroticism, with choreography filled with evocative and powerful womanly strength.

Maybe Yes Maybe, Maybe No Maybe: With a live microphone at its heart, Maybe Yes Maybe, Maybe No Maybe sees five dancers blend movement and voices.

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