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Thursday 26 September, 7.30pm

In the disabled toilet in Tesco, we meet Billy and Neil. Dressed in combats and carrying enough explosives to blow the place sky high, they examine life and attempt to decide whether violence is sometimes the only way to be heard.


Billy:  "This is it, ten minutes and it’s all coming out. I feel like I’ve been holding it in for so long.That’s how I feel, like I can’t bloody breathe."

Neil: "Mum’s doing steak and kidney pudding today. I ain’t dying on a steak and kidney pudding night."


With a title inspired by Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, this is a darkly comic exploration of the lives of young, working class men in austerity Britain, vividly exploring boys’ relationships with their dads, toxic masculinity, and our attitudes to terrorism.


"a gritty, chilling drama spiced with a shot of black comedy" - 5 STARS - The Bobby Award for Best Theatre show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 - Broadway Baby

" unsettling and very, very dark comedy that explores how two seemingly ordinary people can be pushed to shocking extremes without even realising it" - The GM Reviewer

"Dark, shocking and packed full of humour… an outstanding piece of work" - 5 STARS - Opening Night

"If Shakespeare was alive today, this is the play he would write" - 5 STARS - The Derek Awards

"One of the most powerful and affecting productions I've seen in years" - 5 STARS and No.1 Pick of the Fringe - The Wee Review

"Absolutely flawless" - 5 STARS - Theatre, Film and Art Reviews



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