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Workshop Friday 14 June, 2pm - 4pm

Creative Matchmaking rebels against the pressures traditional networking events and our increasingly online lives to get people in a room together, talking to strangers, being your most authentic selves and creating connections between new friends and potential collaborators, quickly and fear-free.

With conversation starters, challenges and games, we invite you to a speedy session so silly and inclusive that you'll step outside of usual comfort zone without even realising!

Creative Matchmaking is a twist on Girl Gang Manchester’s popular long running Speed Mate-ing event and is open to creatives of all levels of experience, ages (we are ALL about a cross generational friendship!), genders, sexualities, races, classes, backgrounds, we just love people!

Taking inspiration from dating shows, bad business meetings, teenage sleepovers, art attack and agony aunts, the evening is hosted and facilitated with enough structure to keep you secure and enough freedom for fun. We can't wait to meet you all!

Arrive at 2pm for a 2.30pm sharp kick off.

Girl Gang Manchester is a collective of artists, activists, academics and party instigators who put on events and create projects building connection, community, collaboration, confidence and creativity.

Still unsure? Read about some of the press for previous Speed Mate-ing events in Manchester to ease your fears:

"Everyone was friendly and open-minded, and a excited buzz and positive energy filled the room…. Each person I spoke to said they were glad they had pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and gone along because they'd met some smart, interesting, unique people."

"It's a great environment to meet so many different types of people in a setting that doesn't feel awkward at all. Within minutes of being there I really do feel welcome and by the end I'd found a few possible new friends. In such a big city, we could all do with making an extra mate or two - and this is the perfect way to find them." Manchester Evening News

"For those all-too familiar with the principles of speed dating, it would be understandable to expect awkwardly mismatched encounters that lead to little more than a forced conversation. But to my relief, speed-mateing offers genuine interactions... The effect is reminiscent of that 'best mate' scenario many of us have encountered in the club bathroom, friendship forged over outfit compliments and lipstick-sharing. Except this time, you're not off your face and you might actually see each other again…. there was nothing but friendliness to be found amidst the waves of open-minded, intelligent women. The atmosphere was buzzing, fuelled by the excitement of trying something new and the energetic Girl Gang team. Positivity and acceptance was at the core of the activities, with a bit of silliness thrown in for good measure….Girl Gang's speed mate-ing was a success. I connected with smart, funny, like-minded women and had a great night out." Manchester Confidential

"From the outside, it might look a bit strange – loads of women playing games, laughing, chatting and generally having a right raucous time – but I'm on board with this. I think we can all benefit from a bit more silliness and sincerity in our lives." Northern Soul

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