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Education Previous Production: 17 March 2014


An Oldham Coliseum Theatre Learning and Engagement Department Production

The Coliseum’s Learning and Engagement Department, Oldham local, Ken Laming and playwright Rob Johnston have devised an exciting idea for a new piece of theatre inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. GOOSE developed and written by Rob Johnson explores a global banking…

A global banking crisis leads to the catastrophic collapse of the world’s economy. Whilst Britain opts for co-operation with the Commonwealth, the fictitious island of Insignia in the northern hemisphere opts for total isolation. Citizens of Insignia are policed and governed by the Guardianship of Ordered Society and Economics. Written and performed by students from Oldham Academy North, Kingsway Park High School, Wardle Academy and Falinge Park High School.

The four schools performing in G.O.O.S.E. are members of the Coliseum Education Partnership scheme supported by The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.


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Written by Rob Johnson