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Drama Saturday 21 April

Fine Comb Theatre presents
Fine Comb Conversations

Four short plays opening a dialogue on subjects often swept under the carpet.

Touchy subjects, taboos, and things we just don’t say... But we all think. So why not be honest and start to talk, rather than shy away? From gender and sexuality to mental health and relationships, Fine Comb Theatre opens an honest dialogue on topics that are often swept under the carpet. Four plays, four casts and four conversations that should be had. Come and join us for some Fine Comb Conversations.

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £5

Fine Comb Theatre is a North West based theatre company creating theatre inspired by fact, infused with fiction, and ingrained with fine-comb attention to detail. Since 2013, they have established a reputation for creating stylised productions around delicate subject matters.

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Written by Rachel McMurray

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