Open from 10am Monday - Saturday
Comedy Previous Production: 12 – 30 June 2012

Dumb Show

Dumb Show is a superb, grubby, black-comic satire about the latest celebrity sting, tapping right into the current question of press morality.

A famous down and out TV star turns to two private bankers who come knocking on his dressing room door with a proposition complete with a healthy pay cheque. This quick fix turns out to have one big catch; a hidden camera.

Premiering in 2004, the play is more relevant now than ever before. Writer Joe Penhall comments: “I think now the play is vindicated because we can see precisely how spiteful, sneaky, hypocritical, devious and dangerous tabloids can be.”
Joe Penhall – writer of Blue/Orange – adapted Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road for the big screen.


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Production Information:

Directed by Kevin Shaw

Designed by Foxton

Lighting Designer Jane Barrek

Sound Designer Lorna Munden

Written by Joe Penhall


Leigh Symonds at Oldham Coliseum Theatre
Leigh Symonds
Steve Huison at Oldham Coliseum Theatre
Steve Huison
Kate Coogan at Oldham Coliseum Theatre
Kate Coogan