Open from 10am Monday - Saturday
Drama Previous Production: 8 September – 1 October 2011


A play to kill for...

Writer Sidney Bruhl’s luck has run out. Once the toast of Broadway, he hasn’t had a hit play in years.
Young aspiring playwright Clifford Anderson, a student of one of Sidney’s writing classes, just so happens to have written the perfect play – Deathtrap – a juicy thriller.
Desperate for success, Sidney would do anything to claim Clifford’s play as his own. And then he comes up with a killer idea...
Deathtrap is a hilariously twisted classic murder mystery with an equal dose of laugh out loud moments and scream inducing thrills.


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Production Information:

Directed by Kevin Shaw

Designed by Foxton

Lighting Designer Jane Barrek

Sound Designer Lorna Munden

Written by Ira Levin


“…a lively mix of murderous thoughts and audience-foxing twists” - Oldham Chronicle

“It is a Russian doll of a play, in which you are not sure you have found the last doll until the curtain drops.” - Manchester Evening News

“This production of Deathtrap is an extremely enjoyable one, with numerous twists, turns and jolts and performed by a great cast who seem to relish bringing every single gasp from the audience. It’s most definitely a production worthy of the name thriller.” - The Public Reviews