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Drama Previous Production: 29 October - 2 November 2013


A London Classic Theatre Production

"Pinter's Masterpiece" Daily Telegraph

Emma is married to Robert, a publisher. But for seven years, she's been having an affair with Jerry, a literary agent and Robert's best friend.

Betrayal begins after the end of the affair, and pursues an intricate, gripping journey back to its very beginning. In a brilliant device, time is turned upside down as the play charts significant events in reverse. A ruthless exploration of the complexity of the human heart, Betrayal is Pinter's most accessible work, enthralling and provocatively layered.

Winner of 2005's Nobel Prize for Literature, Harold Pinter wrote The Birthday Party, Old Times, The Homecoming and The Caretaker. Famous for his ruthless exploration of the darker sides of human emotion, Pinter's writing in Betrayal mines the shadowy aspects of a love affair and its fallout to devastating effect.


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Production Information:

Written by Harold Pinter


"A fascinating, revealing production of Pinter’s most accessible play, which bristles with tension and strides off at an almost breathless pace." - The Stage

"This production is directed by Michael Cabot ... On the evidence of this production he clearly understands how to get the most out of Pinter’s writing and has the benefit of an extremely strong cast and design concept." - The Good Review

"As an audience, it's impossible not to get caught up in the various intertwining webs of deceit which make for enthralling entertainment." - Derby Telegraph