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Drama Previous Production: 10 - 14 June 2014

An August Bank Holiday Lark

A Northern Broadsides and New Vic, Newcastle-under-Lyme Production

A nostalgic summer in Saddleworth

It’s an idyllic summer in 1914. Excitement is building for Wakes week; a rest from field and mill and a celebration of the Rushbearing Festival with singing, courting, drinking and dancing.

The looming war barely registers … but it will.

An August Bank Holiday Lark is a deeply moving drama poised at the tipping point of war. Intensely nostalgic and emotionally rich, this is a story that will both entertain and tug at your heart strings.

Through the lens of traditional rural life you’ll follow the stories of folk with colour, character and charm, and witness their personal transitions from exuberance and touching naivety to a profound and devastating loss of innocence.

Performed by the charismatic cast of actor-musicians that is Northern Broadsides - a northern company with genuine heart and soul - you’ll soon come to see why they are multi-award winning; recognised by audiences and critics alike as one of the finest national touring theatre companies in the land.

“Her sharp and tangy dialogue fizzes along” – York Press on A Government Inspector by Deborah McAndrew and Northern Broadsides.


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Production Information:

Directed by Barrie Rutter

Written by Deborah McAndrew


"A wonderful new play" - The Times

"..poignant, warm hearted drama.....hankies at the ready” - Daily Telegraph

"Deeply moving" - The Independent