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Project Intimacy

The Coliseum proudly supports this exciting digital work 

Project Intimacy

The way we engage with the world and connect with others has changed overnight. Project Intimacy is a two-week long universal experience which aims to form new connections and combat isolation with people from across the country. 

Before the experience begins audience members will complete a questionnaire and based on their answers they will be paired with someone for their two-week experience. Once paired both participants will receive daily instructions and through SMS text messaging they will form a remote pairing and maybe a friendship.

Riptide have curated a carefully structured fortnight experience which is based on scientific evidence on how we make friends. We hope this project will encourage people to look beyond their own four walls and to find a meaningful connection with a stranger from across the world.


Booking details:

This experience runs Thursday 4 – Thursday 18 March 2021
Tickets £15 

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Production Company: Riptide
Project Intimacy FAQs: Click here


Audience comments:

I am so glad I signed up for Project Intimacy. It was exactly what I needed, it was really nice to speak to someone new – especially at a time where we are unable to meet new people”  – Dom, audience member, September


It was a very interesting experiment and I’m pleased I was part of it, and it will be remembered as a positive part of lockdown. And I’m still messaging daily with my Partner – so thank you for the great match!” – Anon, audience member (July)


Easily the best digital art I have experienced in a long, long time. Well done Riptide! Thought-provoking, gripping and made me question how I interact with people.” – Stuart, audience member (June)


Project Intimacy gave me a real sense of purpose in isolation. I would look forward to the time we would receive the evening texts.” – Amy, audience member (May)


Thank you for a great experience. I learnt things about myself as well as someone else which was really meaningful.” – Sam, audience member (April)


Project Intimacy is a must for anyone who, like me, is craving those connections with strangers. The pairing was great, it was so easy to connect.” – Aimee, audience member, (May)



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