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Drama, Studio 12 - 15 October, 7.30pm

Oldham Coliseum Theatre Studio
Townsend Productions present

Dare Devil Rides to Jarama
A new play by Neil Gore

Clem 'Dare Devil' Beckett, the rugged Speedway star, and Christopher Caudwell, literary critic, poet and aeronautical expert, were unlikely friends; but a common cause brought them together.

Moved by most Spaniards' determination to defend themselves against Franco's rising army, they crossed the pyrenees. Like so many other volunteers, they recognised that the defense of Spanish democracy against Fascism was their fight too. They died at their machine gun post covering their battalion's retreat at the battle of Jarama in February 1937.

Commissioned by The International Brigades Memorial Trust, Dare Devil Rides to Jarama, is a powerful play about the British and Irish volunteers involved at the beginning of the brutal Civil War in Spain that captures the raw passions and emotions of idealism and despair, hope and anger, determination and fear - through stirring songs, poetry and flamenco dance.

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