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Our Day Out: The Musical – Meet Amy Chandler

With a huge cast including a chorus of 27 young performers the character of Amy Chandler is played by two talented locals, get to know a bit more about them…

Emily Fitton

 _JCF1638 copyWho are you Emily?

I’m sixteen, from Rochdale and I also play Amy Chandler in Our Day Out: The Musical!

How did you get into theatre?

I went to Oldham Theatre Workshop and did a class which got me really into theatre and I go to dance classes every week now and it’s just something that I really love to do.

What do you think about Our Day Out: The Musical?

It’s really funny and all the songs and the whole rehearsal process so far has been really fun, so hopefully it’ll be really enjoyable!

What do you think about the character you’re playing?

I think she’s quite like me to be honest, she’s very dippy! She comes out with some funny stuff but then towards  the end she becomes a bit more down to earth.

How are you finding rehearsals?

Rehearsals have been really fun, and everyone’s been so nice and welcoming. People working on the play like Kevin (Shaw) and the musical director are all lovely too and make you feel at home. The cast are all lovely and friendly as well!


Paige Garth_JCF1433 copy

Who are you Paige?

I’m Paige, I’m seventeen and I come all the way from Lees in Oldham. I play Amy Chandler in Our Day Out: The Musical.

How did you get into theatre?

I started acting in drama classes when I was quite young at about four years old, and carried on from there. I do drama at college now and I come to the Coliseum quite a lot and work with the Young Rep Company here doing theatre workshops which are always fun.

What do you think about Our Day Out: The Musical?

I think it’s a really good musical, I’m a big fan of Willy Russell’s work because I really like Blood Brothers as well. It’s a lot of fun and it’s something you can really get your teeth in to.

How are you finding rehearsals?

It’s really fun, It’s going really well It’s been really insightful working on a professional musical with a big cast because it’s something I’ve never done before.

How is it working with such a big cast?

The cast are great and I get along with everyone really well and it’s been really good working with the professional cast too. I come to the Coliseum a lot and it feels like a second home so I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to get started!

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