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Opening a New Show

Last Friday the moment we had been working towards for what seemed both like forever and no time at all finally arrived in the form of our opening performance of Chicago.

Chicago opens at Oldham Coliseum Theatre


Building up to a show always creates a mixed atmosphere of anticipation, excitement and nerves around the Coliseum. When the show finally opens and the curtain is raised for the first time to unveil everyone’s hard work and creativity to a full auditorium then all of us here tend to breathe a little easier.

There is always work to be done however, to maintain the high standards of performance throughout as well, little details like touching up the stage and costumes as the numbers of shows racks up throughout the run.

All the hard work of the cast and production staff has come to fruition and seeing it translated on to stage is what kept us going when rehearsals stretched into the night and the production and wardrobe departments were working all hours.

The brilliant feedback from the audience which we have been receiving so far as well is also hugely rewarding, after all we put on shows not for ourselves but for you, the audience.

Chicago is already looking like one of our most popular shows of recent years with seats for every performance filling up fast. In fact, due to such demand we have even added an extra matinée performance on Saturday 12 October.

After a quiet summer it’s fantastic to have so many people with us each night once more and this show is a perfect start to our autumn/winter season.  The buzz around the place is great to be a part of and we look forward to carrying that enthusiasm forward with our other forthcoming shows.

With that in mind I would also like to thank all the children and their parents who came along to the Panto Chorus auditions on Sunday. We had a great response of 8 – 15 year olds who were all eager to join the cast of Jack and the Beanstalk this Christmas.

Whether you have been to see Chicago or are planning to soon, or you have been getting involved with the Panto we hope you continue to enjoy what we are doing here at the Coliseum which wouldn’t be possible without the support of Oldham as a whole.

See you at the theatre,

Kevin Shaw
Artistic Director


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