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Mini-Podcast Series

Our popular Mini-Podcast Series shares original works by people of all ages and backgrounds from the communities the theatre serves. For each episode the Coliseum has invited writers to respond to a theme within a specified length, with pieces ranging from 100 words to a 20-minute short audio-play.

Launched on World Theatre Day 2020 (27 March), the theatre has already recorded and aired new works by well-known names, professional playwrights, emerging writers and young people from the local area for the series. All pieces in the Coliseum’s Mini-Podcast series are recorded remotely by professional actors, with an introduction from the theatre’s Artistic Director Chris Lawson and edited by the theatre’s Digital Associate Grant Archer.


The series is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts



Episode 4: Distance by DANC

Click here to learn more about Episode 4


Episode 3: Pop and Crisps

Click here to learn more about Episode 3


Episode 2: ‘Off Out’ Monologues

Click here to learn more about Episode 2


Episode 1: 100 Word Plays

Click here to learn about Episode 1



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