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Meat Pie, Sausage Roll

Writers Cathy Crabb and Lindsay Williams, together with musical director Carol Donaldson, were the talents behind the Coliseum’s smash hit Dreamers which featured the legendary 90s Oldham nightclub last year.

Cathy Crabb takes up the story of what the trio have been up to since Dreamers.

“It’s been over a year now since Dreamers, and people still come up to us and tell us what it meant to them to relive those days. They always have a story of how they met their husband or wife at the club and the memorable times with friends. Lindsay, Carol and I feel very proud that we managed to reach so many people to give them such a good night out that they didn’t want it to end.”

“Lindsay and I had been meeting for a while, wondering what we could write that could be a great as Dreamers. What story could have the same kind of buzz for local audiences but have a broad appeal as a musical? We wanted to work with Carol Donaldson again and we wanted to do something uplifting.  We also knew that we wanted something with the same word of mouth appeal as Dreamers. Then one day we were chatting about football and it came to us: what better than to centre a story around Oldham Athletic – Latics?” 

“We talked to Oldham Athletic fans, and it seemed one match came up in conversation over and over again – the match against Sheffield Wednesday in the 1990/1991 season when Latics won the second division spectacularly.  Stuart Pike delivered such a wonderful and memorable commentary which you can listen to here

“We’ve listened to that commentary on a number of occasions now, and we get teary every single time. That particular match has had a big influence on our script and we feel that we’re working on something that will be a real homage to Latics’ fans. As well as a celebration of fandom, Meat Pie, Sausage Roll is a story with a lot of heart about family, loyalty and friendships…AND a love story – well, it is a musical!”

“So far with our Latics’ research we’ve had loads of insight from super fan Keith Head, as well as from many of our friends who are staunch supporters.”

On Thursday 17 November at 6.30pm we’re hosting an event to hear your memories of that memorable season. Tickets are free but need to be booked via Box Office.  The evening will feature some free beer and some pies.  Do come and talk Latics with us, and you’ll help shape this musical into a real testimony to the team and supporters.  You can also email your stories to us at the email address

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