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James Butler recounts his experience shadowing Stage Management

James Butler, our Trailblazer Project Assistant, has spent the morning shadowing our Stage Management department. Here is his insight into the experience, in his own words.

‘My name is James Butler and I’m on placement at the Coliseum Theatre as part of Curious Minds’ Trailblazer Scheme. This morning I shadowed the Stage Management department to see how they work. We spent the morning ‘marking’ the studio for the next show Hot Stuff which starts rehearsing on Monday. Marking is when a rehearsal room is sectioned according to the designer’s ground plan. It helps the actors to rehearse their movement onstage – knowing where the set is and entrances and exits. I learned how to mark correctly using measurements and the techniques used in doing this. The Stage Managers use two measurements to find a point in which to mark a straight line. It was a really interesting experience and a part of producing theatre that is usually behind the scenes. It’s added an additional bit of experience to a collection of things that I have gained whilst at the Coliseum.’

The Trailblazer Project Assistant role involves working with the Learning and Education department to produce a 3 day participatory arts festival for families. This post is funded by Curious Minds and is part of the Trailblaze programme.


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