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Coliseum Creates


#ColiseumCreates is a series of fun activities for all the family. 

Why not get creative outdoors with your little adventurers, or become a storyteller using our Coliseum Cubes? See if your little ones can recognise some Oldham landmarks whilst they give the Coliseum a bit of colour.

Young people and adults can design some costumes for three charismatic characters, find the perfect place in your home to set a play, write a monologue exploring lockdown or write a duologue for some colourful characters who have previously graced the Coliseum stage.

Each activity has been created with an age range in mind, and can be adapted for all to enjoy!


You can share on Social Media using the hashtag #ColiseumCreates or send an email to

You can also post your discoveries to: Learning & Engagement Office, Oldham Coliseum Theatre, Fairbottom Street, Oldham, OL1 3SW.


Please note: You must get written permission from your parent/ guardian to send your responses if you are under the age of 18.



The Adventures of Golden Galaxy (children aged 4+)

Three interactive training videos to help children to become superheroes!

Golden Galaxy needs your help!

We need young heroes to be brave, to be smart, and to help find our favourite sidekick Spikey! We’ve created three interactive videos that will be released between 17 – 19 February. Keep an eye out on our Social Media channels or keep checking this page for more details!

We’d love to see our superheroes in action, so please share photos of yourselves in training, living as superheroes, or any posters that you might create during your training course, making sure to use the #ColiseumCreates hashtag. (Please do get an adult’s permission before posting any pictures online!)

View the Golden Galaxy superhero training videos here 


Golden Galaxy Activity Guide:

Download the Activity Guide here

Download the printer-friendly version of the Activity Guide here


If you are unable to print out the Activity Guide at home but would like a copy then please email to organise a free delivery of the printed activities.



Colour-in Coliseum (children aged 10 and under)

The Coliseum needs some colour! See what Oldham landmarks you can see, add your own and give the Coliseum some colour.

Download the colouring-in sheet:

Colour-in Coliseum WORD
Colour-in Coliseum PDF



Outdoor Adventures- Outdoor Adventures & I Spy (children aged 12 and under)

Let’s go on an adventure! With your grown-ups, go on a walk outside your home. It could be around your neighbourhood, your local park, or even somewhere further away.

What can you spy when you are walking? Can you create some art with nature?

Download the guides:

Outdoor Adventures Guide
Outdoor Adentures – I Spy



Coliseum Cubes (children aged 12 and under)

Create your own exciting stories using our Coliseum Cubes. Working together with your family, let’s see where your imagination takes you! If you don’t have access to a printer you can copy our template onto paper and create your own.

Download the template:

Coliseum Cubes B&W PDF
Coliseum Cubes Colour PDF



Create a Costume (ages 7+)

Have you ever watched a performance at the Coliseum and been amazed by the bright, extravagant costumes? Did you ever wish that you could wear a costume that transforms you into a completely different person? Had you ever hoped to design a theatrical costume yourself? Well the Coliseum needs you to Create a Costume!

Download the guide:

Create a Costume Activity Guide



‘Set the Scene’ Photo Challenge (family activity)

What if one room of your house was the setting for a play? Who is in the room? What is going on? You decide when you sent the scene.

Download the guide:

Set the Scene Photo Activity Guide



‘Off Out’ Monologue Challenge (ages 11+)

Cast your mind back to the beginning of the UK lockdown and create new monologue focusing on a character’s daily trip out of the house. Where are they going? What is their story?

Download the guide:

‘Off Out’ Monologue Challenge Guide



‘Take Two’ Duolouge Challenge (ages 11+)

Over the past 135 years we’ve seen some colourful characters light up the Coliseum stage. Can you write a scene that brings two characters from our previous productions together?

Download the guide:

‘Take Two’ Duologue Challenge Guide



All illustrations by Rose Sergent –


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