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Dance Captain Jabez Sykes on ballroom dancing and Kiss Me Quickstep

Set at the nationwide ballroom dancing competition in Blackpool, Kiss Me Quickstep features spectacular ballroom dancing interwoven in the drama, both on and off the dance floor.

Dance Captain Jabez Sykes, part of the Coliseum’s dancing ensemble, is a former competitive ballroom dancer who came in third in the age 13-and-under section of the very same competition. Jabez trained as a ballroom dancer from a young age and competed for nine years in qualifiers, at Blackpool and in Super Dance competitions.

We spoke to him about the play and the real world of competitive ballroom dancing.


“Everything that happens is pretty much bob-on what happens in the show. You get all the stress from parents, your teachers, your partner – everything adds to your nerves until you’re on the floor and then you forget about it all as soon as you start dancing.”

“When you’re on the floor your adrenalin’s pumping, you’re really high – you’re at that level where you’re not even thinking about everyone around you. And then you get off the floor and you wonder whether you’ve done enough. You have to wait hours then for the result.”


Kiss Me Quickstep runs at Oldham Coliseum Theatre from Wednesday 13 – Saturday 30 April.



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