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Ageing, Objects and Wellbeing

Photography by Chris Foster

Last week, the Coliseum held a celebration which brought a Pakistani Luncheon Club from Glodwick and residents from Charles Morris House, Failsworth together to share their memories and treasured objects.


Working with The University of Manchester, New Charter Group and Housing and Care 21, the Coliseum delivered workshops with both groups to explore what the concept of ‘home’ means to the older generation. The sessions focussed on objects, home, ageing and well-being and used storytelling, drawing and a good cup of tea to explore their experiences.


Footage courtesy of The University of Manchester, filmed by ShortForm

A cast of professional actors performed a piece of theatre using their stories on the Coliseum’s Main Stage and we created an exhibition in collaboration with the groups, putting their experiences, early memories of home and their treasured objects in the spotlight.


The project engaged with a pressing healthcare issue: the physical and social isolation of older people within the home, the challenges of residential care provision and the importance of ‘home’ on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The findings will form a key element in the university’s on-going research into ageing and care and there are plans to display the exhibition created by the groups at the university.


“‘Home’ can mean many things: a place, a building, a group of people, a feeling, things, a time. Across time and geography, the idea of Home has been a powerful motor to individual and social change. Home is integral to who we are and who we want to be.” – Professor Julie Marie Strange, History Department, The University of Manchester




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