Open from 10am Monday - Saturday

Staff and Departments

Box Office – 0161 624 2829 – for bookings, group sales and audience enquiries Monday to Saturday

For all other enquiries, please call Administration – 0161 624 1731 Monday to Friday, office hours


Artistic Director: Chris Lawson
Chief Executive: Susan Wildman


Board Members
Chair: Jan O’Connor
Vice Chair: Martin Roche
Steve Abell
Cllr Sam Al-Hamdani
Anwar Ali
Rubbi Bhogal-Wood
Cllr Barbara Brownridge
Sandy Dixie
Brigit Egan
Rachel Jones
Jeremy Woodhouse


Associate Producer: Antonia Beck
Programme Coordinator: Jamie Walsh
Associate Artists / Companies: Grant Archer, Hafsah Aneela Bashir, Fine Comb Theatre, Red Bobble Arts
Supported Artists: Caitlin Gleeson, Nana-Kofi Kufuor, Sorcha McCaffrey


Box Office
Box Office Manager: Ann-Marie Mason
Deputy Box Office Manager: Carol Moore
Box Office Assistants: Rachel Hollister, Lucie Jowett, Tom Mackintosh, Kyle Wilcock


Development Manager and Lead Capital Fundraiser: John Edwards


Senior Technician (Lighting): Aaron Barton-Wells
Assistant LX: Matt Williams


Head of Finance: Cheryl James
Finance Assistant: Ade Obikoya


Front of House
Deputy Bar and Events Manager: David Carr
Front of House Duty Manager: Kyle Wilcock
Bar Supervisor: Graeme Gibson
Bar Staff: Lauren Hall, Emma Hollister, Lewis Mason, Ross Mason, Karen Shuttleworth, Jenny Taylor, Theresa Thompson, Alexandra Watson-Ward


Housekeepers: Sue Dalton and Shirley Hall


Learning and Engagement
Head of Learning and Engagement: Carly Henderson (currently on maternity leave)
Learning and Engagement Officer: Ben Cain
Learning and Engagement Officer: Chelsea Morgan
Full Circle Facilitator: Jenny Thomas
Women’s Group Facilitator: Caitlin Gleeson
Youth Board Reps: Abby Blease and Charlotte Wallis


Head of Marketing: Laura Rodwell
Marketing & Communications Campaigns Manager: Shelly Ramsdale
Marketing & Communications Assistant: Anthony Price


Stage Department
Head of Production: Lesley Chenery
Deputy Production Manager: Adam Gent
Stage Technician: Kevin Leach
Maintenance Technician: Neil Kelly


Stage Management
Company Stage Manager: Jane Newbury-Jones
Deputy Stage Manager: Caroline Bowen


Wardrobe Supervisor: Bridget Bartley
Wardrobe Assistant: Kathryn Ogden


Customer Experience Volunteers
Mohamed Abha
Michael Ashworth
Chris Barratt
Susan Brennan
Christina Christophi
Mary Cochrane
Phillip Diamond
Yvonne Fewley
David Fielding
Christine Gemmell
David Gibbons
Paul Goulden
Mary Grainger
Donna Greer
Amelia Hall
Lauren Hall
Susan Halliwell
Jean Harrott
Dennis Keogh
Carol Laidlaw
Paula Le Moignan
Cheryl Lewis
Sophie Marlor
Gary Marsh
Carl Morrison
Christine O’Brien
Janice O’Connor
Danimay Palmer
Amy Prince
David Purvis
Chloe Riley
Alana Russell
Habib Sama
Julie Silverwood
Leslin Simmons
Kath Smith
Catherine Tansey
Elaine Taylor
Hazel Tetlow
Martyn Tierney
Thomas Walker
Judith Ware
Adrian Whittaker
Beryl Williamson
Hannah Wood

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