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A thank you message from Fine Time Fontayne

I’m so heartened by the messages of support from pantomime fans across Oldham following my fall in the rehearsal room a few weeks ago and I’m sorry to be missing you all this year.

I’ve been spending Christmas in Oldham since 2008, and seeing a theatre full of smiling faces looking back at me every day throughout the run of a pantomime really is the greatest Christmas present anyone could have.  Hoping that I’ve helped to make someone’s day a little brighter through my antics on stage is a very nice feeling especially when those people are wonderful barmy northerners.

I’ve had a couple of operations on my ankle and now I’m at home with my foot in a cast. The consultants said I’ve got to keep it in the air to help the swelling go down and soon I’ll be starting physiotherapy to learn to walk again.

I’ve been keeping in touch with everyone working on Sleeping Beauty and reading all of the fantastic reviews. Simeon has done a fantastic job as Nanny Nutty this year, and with only a week and a half to rehearse the part!

I’ll be up and running again for Spring (although maybe not literally running) and I look forward to seeing all of the friendly faces of Oldham again next year.


Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Joyful 2017

Fine Time Fontayne





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