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Access Focus Groups

Access Focus Groups

Thank you to everyone who attended our inaugural focus group to help us improve access here at the Coliseum on Saturday 28 January.

We had coffee, tea and biscuits, and a lively discussion, facilitated by Julia Keenan, our Equality and Diversity specialist, to help us understand better where we can make improvements.   We were interested in hearing your views about improving access for everybody, especially people with mobility and sensory impairments, disabled people and others who find theatres a difficult place sometimes.   

We really appreciate your insights and views.

On the back of your feedback, we’ve painted a white line on our pavement to indicate where the dropped kerb is very important to people in wheelchairs to help them enter the building via the building’s side door on Fairbottom Street.   Unfortunately, cars sometimes block this kerb by parking over it – we hope this small but important improvement is helpful to you.  We are monitoring parking on Fairbottom Street.

This was the first of a series of focus groups and consultations exploring how we can make the New Coliseum on Union Street the best it can be for all our audiences.

We want to take the warm welcome of the Coliseum with us and we want the new building to be as accessible as possible for all our audiences.   Click here for information about our current Access provision 

We can only make the Coliseum right for all our audiences with your help.  If you have any other comments or feedback on Access at the Coliseum, please email

Thank you.


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