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Studio, Drama 9 March, 7.30pm

Wednesday 9 March, 7.30pm
Oldham Coliseum Theatre Studio
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Four rehearsed readings about the First World War taken from a woman’s perspective by writers Cathy Crabb, Carole Solazzo, Diane Whitley and Lindsay Williams. Featuring a Q&A with the writers.

The Oracle of Delph by Cathy Crabb is the story of Silvie and her recurring vision of the war taken at different moments of time: as her husband departs for war, during the middle of the war and just as he’s about to return to his family. It’s after tea, she smokes his pipe, drinks some port and talks to her children about her visions…

Come On You Canaries by Carole Solazzo reflects the change in women’s place in society as hitherto closed occupations like Bus Driver, Engineer, Police Officer became open to women as men were fighting at the Front. This is the story of Bea, a gobby, gutsy 20 year old, and her increasingly controlling husband, Frank, as Lambert’s Mill changes from cotton production to making shells…

The Munitionette by Diane Whitley explores the story of a meeting of two vastly different women: bright but uneducated mutionette, Ellie Cronshaw and middle class peace activist, Agnes Burrows. Their relationship develops as Ellie asks Agnes to help her ‘save’ her twin brother, Sam, from the Front and the Battle of Passchendale.

The Enemy Within by Lindsay Williams is a monologue spoken by Esther, a girl who always wanted more from life than work in the mills and settling down with a local boy. She caught the eye of a German salesman and became his wife; Esther thought she’d get the life she always dreamed of. But at the outbreak of war, her husband is sent off to an internment camp. Esther becomes an outsider in the village she was born in and is seen as the enemy by people she has known her whole life.

Running time approx. one hour with a Q&A with the authors

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