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Studio 3 - 5 March

Oldham Coliseum Theatre Studio

Coal Girls
By Ashleigh Sinclair and Rachel Stockdale

Produced by Northern Creations

You’re married to a coal miner. Manual labour is his life and the dirt under his fingernails is probably five years old.  What would you think if he started taking two baths a day and developed a flair for oil painting?

Featuring original Geordie folk songs, Coal Girls is a funny, fictional insight into the wives and girlfriends of The Ashington Group, Northumberland miners who took the art world by storm.

Behind every great man is a greater woman and these women are a force to be reckoned with.

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Tickets: £6

Development supported by Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre through the North East Artist Development Network.

Production Information:

Directed by Francesca Waite

Music by Wilf Stone

Performed by Northern Creations

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